Service Learning

At Christ Episcopal School, we believe that being of service to our community and the world beyond is our privilege and responsibility in being the hands of Christ to others.

From bake sales and penny jar fundraising to environmental cleanup and food drives, students in all divisions dedicate time throughout the school year realizing their ability to effect change.

Educating the heart through service to others.

Since the school’s inception, service learning has been an integral component in developing the whole child.

Traditionally, Christ Episcopal School students were required to complete a set number of service hours toward graduation. Happily, we have found that our students need no such motivator to do good nor limits to how much good they should do. The inherent desire to make a difference is nurtured here, and our students regularly participate in grade-level service projects as well as individual student-led initiatives.

Some highlights of our class-wide service learning experiences include the second grade post office, the CES Express, in which children practice letter writing and the finances of selling paper and postage, all while raising funds to purchase a mailbox for a Habitat for Humanity home in our own community. It is a special day when the children deliver the mailbox and see the impact of their hard work and kind hearts. Similarly, our High School sophomores participate in an annual mission trip. The location of the trip varies from year to year, but the students always return with a new and profound understanding of the world beyond their personal circumstances, and of what it means to serve others.