Student Life

In the words of 2018 salutatorian, Ellie Miles

Every class at CES requires us to question each other’s views. To be vulnerable enough to discuss every aspect of life deeply and from a variety of often unexpected perspectives, to push each other, and hold each other to the highest standard.

At Christ Episcopal School, I found a unique community—open-minded enough to accept each other, where I was able to discover and understand myself in a way that I don’t think I could have achieved anywhere else.

I would not have even a fraction of the confidence or self-appreciation that I do had the school not begged each student to reach not solely academically, but socially, beyond the wants or expectations of the majority and to think and act for ourselves.

“It pushed me to forge my own path, gave me courage to be different.”

Every person lucky enough to go to Christ Episcopal School for even a year comes out changed — they leave a little more courageous, a little more vulnerable, appreciative of who they are, and unafraid to be different, to think independently. Christ Episcopal School students question life deeply, they’re unconventional, amazingly interesting, and they have just enough ambition to make a change.

The world needs more Christ Episcopal School students.

CES 2018 salutatorian