Spirit of Giving

Since Christ Episcopal School was established in 1984, the tradition of giving has been an important ingredient which has allowed the school to grow and flourish.

Giving is at the heart of Christ Episcopal School’s success.

We have flourished because our founders created a mission for our school; we are here because donors gave so generously to support that vision; we thrive as a school because teachers offer the best of their talents and skills to care for students; Christ Episcopal School stands here today because students and families give their trust and energy toward our program; and we are here because of the long line of generous benefactors who understand the fine work of this place and who seek to ensure that this work continues to extend outward, reaching others. We are each invited to respond to the generosity of others with more generosity. May this school continue to be blessed by those who have given their time, their skills and hard work, and the financial resources that have been entrusted to them in order to make a profound difference in the lives of young learners. What this school gives this community through your generosity is priceless to those who receive it.

Advancement Director