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Moderator: Chrissy Miller

If you love to sing, then Choir is the place for you! No matter what grade you are in, there’s a spot for you.  The Lower School Choir is for Grades 1-5 and the Upper School Choir is for Grades 6-12.  Whether you’ve been singing since you could talk, or you just want to give music a try, you can feel at home in the choir room.  Choirs sing at all Eucharist services, as well as special events, and also attend out-of-town singing festivals and competitions.  We work hard, but we have lots of fun!  Music is life!

Moderator: Kendall Richter

The Equestrian Club is for anyone that has a love of horses and wants to learn more about them! This club is an “information-only” club.  There is no riding and owning a horse is not a requirement.  We meet once a month on the CBC campus.

Key Club Moderator: Joe Soto

Moderator: Joe Soto

Key Club is the high school component of Kiwanis International, a worldwide service organization for individuals desiring personal involvement in the leadership and improvement of their community. Service is at the heart of every Key Club and its members learn the importance of being involved in helping make their community a better place. Membership is open to all high school students. Members attend meetings as needed, experience fellowship and participate in service projects throughout the year. Come join us and discover how having a good time while doing meaningful service can truly be a reality.
Mu Alpha Theta


The philosophy club was established by William Willis a recent graduate and current Yale student. As its origin indicates the club is fueled by the intellectual curiosity of students who seek to discuss and explore topics they encounter as they wind their way towards crafting a personal understanding of the world. Plato wandered into the room once muttering “An unexamined life is not worth living.” but he found he need not linger here as these students earnestly endeavor to examine the life and its meaning in dialogue with each other.


Speech and Debate
Moderator: Anne-Liese Fox

Our Team started 3 years ago as the only Northshore member of the National Speech and Debate Association. We compete in State and National Tournaments in a variety of events, including Public Forum Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate,  Congressional Debate, Literary Interpretation(Duo and Single), Oratory, Impromptu, and Extemporaneous Speaking. CES offers an advanced speech class for team members, and also meets after school on Tuesdays.

Student Council
Moderator: Student Council

Student Council coordinates Service, Socials, Campus Change Efforts, and School Spirit.  This year we hope to accomplish quite a bit!  As the coordinator, I help facilitate these activities. I help research and coach them through their leadership roles. Mrs. Varney and Mrs. Vicknair play more supportive roles in the facilitation process and add to the additional adult supervision when needed. I am working on expanding their roles so that they can facilitate subcommittees producing more leadership roles on campus. Student council meets at lunch once a week and more often as an event nears.

Writing Club
Moderator Maurine Magne
The Writing Club meets on Tuesdays during lunch (12:15-1:50) and is open to students in grades 5 through 8.  We invite all students who love (or like) to write.  We play writing games, brainstorm ways to make writing fun in all classes, and just enjoy writing to people (i.e.. at Christwood, in the U.S. military, at a nearby preschool) who may just need to hear a cheerful message from those in their community.  Writing Club is just a fun way to explore writing in a non-threatening, open-minded way that can install or increase one’s love of writing.