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Arts - Christ Episcopal School


The Fine Arts have been an essential part of the human experience since the beginning of time. Every civilization has been measured by its contribution to the arts. If the arts are an inseparable part of our culture, then they are rightfully an inseparable part of Christ Episcopal School’s curriculum.

By developing intuition, reasoning, and imagination, the arts cultivate unique forms of communication. Fine Arts education helps students to increase their perception and helps them understand and interpret the world around them more clearly. The arts educate and engage the audience as well as the participants. Students learn to cope with ambiguity and subjectivity because in the arts, as in the world, there is often no single right answer.

Students use both their verbal and nonverbal ability when they imagine, create, and reflect. They also develop problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills. Most important, the arts are worth learning for their own sake. The messages and meanings that the arts embody are not available through any other means. Some of the greatest human achievements are represented by the arts.

Fine Arts Learning Goals:

• Intellectual curiosity

• Critical reasoning, problem solving, and independent thinking

• Effective communication and strong interpersonal skills• Broad-based knowledge

• Broad-based knowledge

• Strong spiritual and moral character that strives to imitate Christ

• Lifelong learning