College Counseling

College Counseling

The placement of graduating seniors into best-fit colleges and universities is the primary mission of college guidance. Christ Episcopal School strives to provide the personal attention each student needs while he or she is in the process of college selection and application submission. Director of College Guidance Caroline Clark provides a supportive environment to help students and families make informed choices by assisting them in self-reflection, providing resource material, offering counsel and assisting in the physical submission of applications. It is the student’s responsibility to take the initiative in the college search and admission process. It is the duty of the college counseling office to make sure that students and their families enter the admission process with a full understanding of its importance and complexity. Students and their families decide to which colleges and universities applications will be submitted and ultimately which college to attend, but Ms. Clark ensures that those decisions are based on the best information and guidance available.

Christ Episcopal School students begin the college search and selection process in earnest during the spring semester of the junior year. Easter Break of the junior year is an ideal time for students to visit colleges. Other junior-year opportunities include Mardi Gras Break and summer vacation. Some families choose to visit colleges at the end of college search and selection process, after students have received their offers of admission. A College Meeting for Senior Parents is held in October of each year, and then each senior meets with Ms. Clark throughout the fall.

Our graduates matriculate to a wide variety of colleges and universities across the country - large and small, public and private. 100% of every graduating class is accepted to a four-year college or university, and, just as importantly, our students succeed intellectually, socially, and personally at the colleges and universities they choose.

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To Schedule a College Admission Rep Visit, please contact Caroline Clark [email protected]

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