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Junior High - Christ Episcopal School

Junior High

Grades 6 - 8

From the Junior High Division Head

The National Institute of Health states, “Adolescence is the period between childhood and adulthood encompassed by changes in physical, psychological, and social development. These alterations make this period a time of vulnerability and adjustment.”

At Christ Episcopal School, we acknowledge that junior high students are at a critical stage in their development.  We embrace the differences of each child by accentuating individual strengths and encouraging students to step outside of their comfort zones.  Figuratively speaking, while holding one hand, we gently push the child out of the nest with the other hand. The goal in junior high is to strike a balance between security and readiness for the journey that lies ahead.

To ensure this readiness occurs, a remarkably talented group of junior high educators constantly strive to keep with the rich traditions Christ Episcopal is known to have, while bringing in innovative methods of instruction.  Junior high teachers bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge that make them second-to-none.   This knowledge is combined with compassion and a true caring for the students they are charged with educating.

Sixth-grade students study English, math, earth science, world history, physical education, Spanish, art, music, and study skills.  In sixth grade, the Wilderness Education Program becomes an increasing part of a child’s education and continues throughout senior year.  Sixth graders take an overnight trip to Fontainebleau State Park, where they plant trees for the Coastal Roots Program.   In May of each year, the literature program culminates in a tour of Hogwarts at Universal Studios in Florida.  This trip focuses on bringing the written word to life through storytelling.

Seventh-grade students study English, math, life science, American history, physical education, Spanish, art, and music.  Students may earn a Carnegie Unit in Spanish I, if they are deemed eligible candidates for the course.  Taking the next step in the Wilderness Education Program, seventh graders spend a week in North Carolina where they explore a multitude of outdoor activities.

Eighth grade students study English, Algebra I, Physical Science, Spanish I or II, physical education, Louisiana History, art, and S.T.E.M.   Students may earn a Carnegie unit in Algebra, Physical Science, and Spanish, which allows them to enter high school with three credits.  Bringing Louisiana History to life through exciting field studies is a highlight of the eighth-grade history program.  In late April eighth graders travel to Chicago.  The eighth-grade year culminates in a High School Induction Ceremony.  While it is always hard to say goodbye to our eighth graders, we do so knowing they are well-prepared for the strenuous academics of Christ Episcopal High School Division.

Our dynamic program is structured to unearth the talents of the individual while bringing together the group as a whole.  The unique developmental needs of adolescence are always at the forefront as we strive to help our students define who they are as young men and women.

– Dr. Carol Barlow
Junior High Division Head

Junior High

As young adolescents, students experience rapid growth and change intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically – but not according to a clear timetable. Sometimes, they seem almost grown up, and then the next minute they behave like children. In many respects, this transitional time between childhood and adolescence is the most important stage of life.

The Junior High curriculum addresses this time of transition and discovery by focusing on a balance of basic skills development through our formal curriculum along with the enrichment and exploratory opportunities so important to early adolescent social, emotional and physical growth. We encourage students to challenge themselves and to become self-directed learners.  As students begin to decide who they want to be, they need both the opportunity to stretch and structure for support. Christ Episcopal strives to provide students with an environment that offers challenges, choices, structure, moral guidelines, and opportunities for intellectual inquiry. There is a balanced emphasis on academics, athletics, and fine arts, which allow students opportunities to explore many possibilities for developing excellence.