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High School Curriculum - Christ Episcopal School

High School Curriculum

Our high school curriculum is driven by the interests and inspiration of our students. As the only Northshore ISAS accredited High School, we exceed the states’ required curriculum and offer a broad course of study emphasizing a core curriculum, as well as, top-tier college entrance requirements such as Foreign Language, Speech, PE, and Fine Arts. Classes are typically small, challenging, and discussion-focused to promote reasoning and problem solving skills.

The school’s small size, small class size, the use of the Harkness teaching method, and low student/faculty ratio (8:1) create a learning environment based on individual attention and strong relationships between students and faculty. CES students participate in a wide variety of visual and performing arts programs, unleashing creativity and discovering new talents and interests.

The academic climate is decidedly “college bound,” and includes AP and honors courses for qualified students. Independent study opportunities are also available.  Our ultimate goal is to create students who are committed to a life-long pursuit of self-learning and our approach lends itself to that goal.

Mathematics at Christ Episcopal

Christ Episcopal School incorporates two tracks of mathematics throughout the high school years.  Students are expected to take and pass Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Advanced Mathematics or Pre-Calculus. Students entering the high school as ninth grade students with an earned credit in Algebra I would then culminate their experience with Calculus as the fourth year course.

The second track for mathematics utilizes the Exeter system that involves the mathematics in an integrated format from Algebra through a second year of Calculus and is simply titled Mathematics I, II, III, and IV.  These titles are re-coded for student transcripts to more conventional terminology.  The program is designed for the exceptional mathematics student and is
considered an honors path in this discipline.

Standardized Testing

Students enrolled at CES are afforded the opportunity to be administered near the end of the ninth grade year, “The ACT” utilized is a retired version of the traditional ACT of which the purpose is to identify those skills that have been deemed necessary for success in college. Appropriate assessment norms are provided.

All students in the tenth and eleventh grades are administered in October, the PSAT/NMSQT for two years.  The initial year helps to identify those students who may require some additional work directed toward improving scores as they approach their applications to college.  The second or junior is the actual year in which competitive scholarships are based on the score earned.

With that as a backdrop, CES has continued to offer a one semester class in ACT/PSAT/SAT preparation, but additionally provides an opportunity for students entering their junior year to enroll in an intensive four-six Saturday program in August for PSAT preparation away from campus in New Orleans with fellow CES students leading to the administration of the NMSQT (PSAT) in mid-October of the junior year.

Independent Study

With the approval of the division Principal, students often have enrolled in programs outside of the school but correlated to the CES curriculum. These courses have included AP Spanish Language, Japanese I, Spanish V, Biology, English I, and Geometry.  Benefits from this aspect of a student’s education include allowing a transfer student to the school to acclimate and transition to the school’s curriculum more easily, and those students who have accelerated beyond the levels of normal aspects of the school’s curriculum have an opportunity to expand and broaden their knowledge base in another program. This occurs most often with world languages but can move into advanced placement courses not currently offered by Christ Episcopal.  The school prefers the use of an organization which provides appropriate assessments for work completion and preparation.  The currently recommended organization by Christ Episcopal School is Brigham Young University High School Independent Study.  Students are limited to enrollment in one online program which is monitored by Christ Episcopal and during the school calendar year.

High School Schedule

The Louisiana Board of Education requires 24 units to graduate from high school using the Core-4 program and those wishing to take advantage of the TOPS program will do so meeting these curriculum requirements.  Christ Episcopal School requires 27.0 normally so that students are not only eligible for TOPS also to apply to competitive and select schools throughout the country.


Ninth Grade Schedule


English I                                                         1.0 unit

Geometry or Algebra I or II                            1.0 unit

Biology                                                           1.0 unit

Spanish I, II, or III                                          1.0 unit

World Civilization                                          1.0 unit

Physical Education and Health                       1.0 unit

Speech I or Fine Arts Elective                        1.0 unit

7.0 units earned



Tenth Grade Schedule


English II                                                        1.0 unit

Geometry, Algebra II or Pre-Calculus           1.0 unit

Chemistry                                                       1.0 unit

Spanish II, III, or IV                                       1.0 unit

American History or AP                                 1.0 unit

Physical Education and Health                       1.0 unit

Fine Arts Elective or Speech                          1.0 unit

7.0 units earned


Eleventh Grade Schedule

English III or AP English Literature              1.0 unit

Algebra II, Pre-Calculus or Calculus             1.0 unit

Physics                                                            1.0 unit

Civics or American Government AP              1.0 unit

Fine Arts Elective                                           1.0 unit

Spanish III, IV or Two sem. of Electives       1.0 unit

Junior Religion                                                 .5 unit

Elective or Study Hall                                      .5 or 0.0 unit

6.0 or 7.0 units earned


Twelfth Grade Schedule

English IV or AP English Language              1.0 unit

Pre-Calculus, Calculus, or Calculus II            1.0 unit

Biology II (Anatomy)                                     1.0 unit

World History or European History AP         1.0 unit

One semester of Senior Speak                          .5 units

One semester of Episcopal Religion                .5 unit

Electives or Study Hall                                   2.0, 1.0, or 0.0 unit

6.0 or 7.0 units earned


Total earned:               27.0 units minimum for Commencement


CES Requirements integrated with Louisiana Core-4


Mathematics:                                      4 years in the high school

English:                                               4 years

Science:                                              4 years

Social Studies:                                    4 years

must include: Civics or AP American Government;  US History or AP, and two courses

from World History, World Geography ,Western Civilization, and AP European History

Health and Physical Education:          2 years

Fine Arts:                                            1 year

Spanish:                                              3 years

Speech                                                1 year

Episcopal Religion                             1 year

Electives:                                            3 years



Elective courses typically offered:


ACT/PSAT/SAT Preparation               .5 credits       1 semester

Art History AP                                    1.0 credit         Full Year

Choir-Vocal Music                             1.0 credit         Full Year

Creative Writing                                   .5 credits       1 semester

Debate/Speech I, II                             1.0 credit         Full year

Economics                                            .5 credits       1 semester

English AP Language                         1.0 credit         Full Year

English AP Literature                        1.0 credit         Full Year

Environmental Science                       1.0 credit         Full year

Fiction                                                  .5 credits       1 semester

Film as Literature                                 .5 credits       1 semester

Fine Arts Survey                                 1.0 credit         Full year

Harlem Renaissance                             .5 credits       1 semester

Journalism-Yearbook                           .5 credits       1 semester

Myth and Literature                             .5 credits       1 semester

Personal Finance                                  .5 credits       1 semester

Poetry                                                   .5 credits       1 semester

Psychology                                         1.0 credit         Full year

Publications I, II (Yearbook)              1.0 credit         Full year

Shakespeare                                          .5 credits       1 semester

Spanish IV                                          1.0 credit         Full year

Spanish AP Language                        1.0 credit         Full year

Spanish AP Literature                        1.0 credit         Full Year

Speech II                                             1.0 credit         Full year

Speech/Debate                                                1.0 credit         Full Year

Studio Art I, II, III                               1.0 credit         Full year

Technical Theater I, II                                    1.0 credit         Full year

Theater Performance I, II                    1.0 credit`       Full year

20th Century History                          .5 credits         1 semester

20th Century American Literature     .5 credits         1 semester

World Religions                                 .5 credits         1 semester