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High School - Christ Episcopal School

High School

Grades 9 -12

From the High School Division Head

Welcome Parents to Christ Episcopal School!

At the high school division of Christ Episcopal, students learn best when engaged actively in challenging activities and lessons, designed and forged by individual educators who understand and offer skill and proficiency in their content area as well as offer true interest in the development of students as learners.   The Faculty at Christ Episcopal truly understands students well and applies that knowledge to the development of instruction, so that the relevance is magnified for the student as well an incorporating instructional strategy or strategies that are exercised with those individuals.  These relationships with students and faculty facilitate a learning environment that is conducive to developing successful learners willing to take academic risks to rise to the challenge of instructional concepts and designs.  Motivated and confident students are willing to participate with fewer barriers and obstacles because they possess this comfort of a strong faculty-student relationship in the class room.

Life-long learning occurs because students develop academic confidence in an environment in which they are respected as individuals, provided with the tools needed to incorporate achievement and given an opportunity to demonstrate these skills.

Add Christ Episcopal’s core values focusing on “Kindness” to the emphasis on the development of reaching the student’s potential in the academic setting, and you have met the true definition of education.


– Jeff Brock
High School Division Head