Faculty and Staff

At Christ Episcopal School, the average faculty tenure is 7 years at CES; average length of experience is 17 years teaching, and 53% of the faculty have advanced degrees.


John Morvant


Suzanne Freret
Development Coordinator
Janice Gray
Jerry Henson
Advancement Director
Sonia Hernandez
Business Office Accountant
Matt Hernandez
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Greg Homer
Facilities Director
Jamie Kentzel
Administrative Support Business Office
Therese Kwiecien
Advancement Support and Graphic Design
Nancy Mauti
Business Office Assistant
Pam Perry
Director of Admissions
Debra Peters
Maintenance and Lunch
Rachel Pinto
Facilities Director
John Pousson
Director of Finance and Operations
Becky Roth
Technology Director
Antionette Williams
Bus and Maintainence

Early Childhood - (Early Pre-K, Pre-K and Kindergarten)

Cheryl Adams
Kindergarten Assistant
Tamara Bertel
Pre-K Assistant
Bridget Chatham
Early Pre-K Teacher
Julie Christopher
Pre-K Teacher
Cindy Cusimanno
ECC Enrichments
Pattie Daigle-Brown
ECC Enrichments
Millie Farmer
Kindergarten Assistant
Dina Flucke
Pre-K Assistant
Reina Gardner
Early Childhood Campus Head
Desiree Lagasse
Kindergarten Assistant
Katie Mineo
Early Pre-K Assistant
Mary Patterson
Early Childhood Campus Secretary
Sarah Pellegrini
Kindergarten Teacher
Reve' Pounds
Pre-K Teacher
Lynette Savoie
Pre-K Assistant
Ashley Schoultz
ECC Enrichments
Allison Smith
Kindergarten Teacher
Pattie Taylor
Kindergarten Teacher
Vicky Vaughn
Pre-K Teacher

Lower School - (Grades 1-5)

Kristie Branton
Second Grade Teacher
Cindy Dean
First Grade Teacher
Shelly Deynoodt
First Grade Teacher
Molly Heurtin
Lower School Head
Marian Johnson
Lower School Assistant
Sandra Lorando
Lower School Secretary

Junior High - (Grades 6-8)

High School - (Grades 9-12)

Jeff Brock
High School Head
Ann Costa
Secretary/ Registrar Admin./ Assistant to John Morvant
Jean Fuhrman
Office Assistant
Chrissy Miller
Thomas Rushing
College Counselor
Ruth Siporski
Theater Tech
Sarah Sparkman-Boyd

Athletics P.E.

Luke Beaudean
PE Staff
Missy Broussard
Administrative Support Athletics/ Business Office
Greg Carnovale
Athletic Director
Lana Dessauer
PE Staff/ Outdoor Education
Sara Pellegrini
PE Staff
Kendal Richter
PE Staff

Christian Formation

Gayle Croxton
Christian Education
Rev. Morgan MacIntire
Assistant Chaplain
Christy Reese
Christian Education
Amanda Rushing
Christian Education
Rachel Ward
Christian Education
Rev. Jane-Allison Wiggin-Nettles