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Early Childhood Campus

Early Pre-K, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

"Here" the Early Childhood Campus

Welcome!   Here, we are four, and five and six.  Our chairs are small, our socks get lost, and we like to go outside.  We aren’t grown-ups.  We are little. And we go to a school that understands about being little.

Here everything fits us–the water fountain is low, the paper towels are in our reach, the work shelves and cubbies are perfectly stationed, and the playground is HUGE. We can be independent–both in our care and our explorations because this place was prepared for “little”.

Here our schedule privileges creatively over rigidity.  We are building ramps out of boards and tires and racing balls along different inclines–working together, figuring out an intuitive physics.  Our teacher sees and doesn’t interrupt even though the schedule says we should go inside.  She adjusts the schedule to fit us.  Five minutes later we have a breakthrough.  Five minutes means the world when you are little.

Here it’s often a big mess.  Painting in the corridor, manipulatives on the rug, pouring and measuring real liquids that spill–oops, it did–on the counter.  Some of us are sprawled out.  Some of us are standing, moving around, carrying out our work independently and individually, literally all over the place.  That means we may all be doing something different.  At the same time.  And that sometimes makes grownups uncomfortable–like we lack order.  But see it from three feet tall! We are using our whole bodies in a disciplined, self-directed, engaged and invested pursuit.  If that’s not order of the highest order, what is?

Here we are learning to be in a place and role, to use the right tools correctly, to carry out complicated processes all on our own. To think on our own in our own time. This is our work–this messy, jostled, trial and error, creatively beautiful work of little hands. And it is at its best, it’s most instructive and it’s deepest when it is spontaneously self-directed. Here, they believe that; they don’t mind the mess–they say “get to work little ones”.

So, if you walk around here and it looks like play, that’s because it is. Here play is a very serious matter –the most vital work of childhood, they are always saying.  It is where we learn to be friendly. Brave. Compassionate. Curious. Helpful. Inclusive.  Relaxed.  Passionate. But most of all, kind. Kindness is learned here every day, because it is through our imaginations that we learn to be our best version of ourselves. They see that here. They teach that here. They love that here.

Because, “Here” is a home, and this is a family. Welcome to the ECC.  We are glad you’re here.

– Reina Gardner
Early Childhood Division Head



The Early Childhood Campus at Christ Episcopal School is located in Old Covington, directly next to Bogue Falaya Park. It is our first opportunity to live out our mission statement which is to provide a safe and nurturing environment, predicated upon Christian principles, which will provide children with opportunity to develop emotionally, physically, cognitively, creatively and spiritually. The program is conducted in an atmosphere of dedication and love, working in close partnership with the parents who have entrusted their children to our care. The staffing and programming is designed to ensure that each child is recognized as a unique individual, created in God’s image. As such, the program recognizes and values each child’s personal pattern and timing of growth in relation to developmental goals